KDE-Windows Meeting 2012

02 Aug to 04 Aug; -1516 days from now.


  • Andre Heinecke (Organizer)

KDE-Windows developer meeting


Please have a look (and edit) the proposed Topics and Agenda at the wiki:


Location information

Osnabrück, Germany

Neuer Graben 17, Osnabrück, Germany.


The offices of Intevation GmbH are located in the centre of Osnabrück.

Intevation GmbH
Neuer Graben 17
49074 Osnabrück
Telephone: +49-541-33 50 83 - 0



General information concerning arrivals can be found on various Osnabrück servers, including the City of Osnabrück (german) which also has a map of the city centre Furthermore there is an interactive city map.

Our office is located at the opposite corner of the street crossing in front of Ledenhof, right above a music store called Rohlfing. The entrance is around the corner Neumarkt / Lyra Straße in the smaller street.

By train

The railway lines from the Ruhr Area to Bremen/Hamburg and from Amsterdam to Hannover/Berlin cross in Osnabrück. There is also a regional line to Oldenburg/Wilhelmshaven. More information can be found at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService.

continue by Bus

Upon arrival at the train station take one of the following buses to Neumarkt: Line 31 (Heger Friedhof), line 33 (Piesberger Straße), line 61/62 (Dodesheide), line 81/82 (Pye), as well as lines 91 (Hellern) and 92 (Hörne). From there, follow Neumarkter Straße to Neuer Graben. The bus journey and walk take around 15 to 20 minutes.

alternatively you can walk

If you don't mind walking (about 800 meters or 12 minutes) you can keep straigt on Möserstraße after leaving the station and simply turn left at Wittekindstraße, which is the third crossing having a well visible Sparkasse building. Continue on Neumarkter Str. to Neuer Graben. Our office is on the left side of the street, right above "Rohlfing".

By bus

Neumarkt is the central bus station and is easily reached with all the bus-lines. From the Neumarkt, walk down Neumarkter Straße to Neuer Graben.

The Stadtwerke Osnabrück also provides information about ÖPNV.

Further information (slightly hidden, follow one of the links in the left navigation) can be found at the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Osnabrück.

By car

Osnabrück can be reached via the A1 motorway (Ruhr Area to Hamburg/Bremen), the A30 (Amsterdam to Hannover) or the A33 (Bielefeld/Paderborn). Leave the motorway at junctions OS-Nord (A1) or OS-Nahne (A30) and follow the signs for the city centre. For parking, the parking garages Ledenhof and Nikolaiort are convenient (current occupancy). The private garages (e.g. Galeria Kaufhof, L+T, Sparkasse) are not recommended, since opening hours are strictly linked to shop-hours.

By plane

Flights from Münster/Osnabrück airport provide the link to national/international flights. An express bus (X150) (german) shuttles passengers from the airport to Osnabrück, Neumarkt.



# Name Plans to do Arrival Departure Needs accommodation? Shares room? Food
 Andre Heinecke
Emerge improvements
Building frameworks
Single Application Packaging
PIM stuff
02 August 04 August I eat everything
 Hannah von Reth
update gcc to 4.7
build mysql
progress with mingw and qt5?
01 August 04 August I eat everything
 Dominik Schmidt
cross-compilation from linux
help with gcc update
packaging in OBS maybe
02 August 04 August I eat everything

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