KDE PIM Sprint 2014

28 Mar to 31 Mar; -849 days from now.


  • Mark Gaiser (Coordinator)

Location information

Barcelona, Spain

c/ Sepulveda 65, Baixos 1a, Barcelona, Spain.

Whenever arriving to the airport, follow the instructions and go to the Blue Systems offices and from there you can go to the appartment where you'll be staying on the nights later on.


It's reasonably near to Plaça Espanya, so if you're coming from the Airport, you can come by bus. There are 2 of them: the Aerobús (~6€) which is much faster and the 46 which is considerably slower (~1€).



Metro station: L1 Rocafort


Ring the bell 1a




# Name Group Plans to do Arrival Departure Needs accommodation? Shares room? Food
 Daniel Vrátil kdepim Akonadi hacking
Frameworks happiness
28 March 31 March I eat everything
2  Mark Gaiser kdepim Custom event in SceneGraph
Optimizing Akonadi item loading for Baloo indexing
27 March 01 April I eat everything
3  David Edmundson kdepim I eat everything
 Martin Klapetek kdepim 28 March 31 March I eat everything
 Sandro Knauß kdepim openpgp
28 March 31 March Vegan
6  Vishesh Handa kdepim Searching
I eat everything
7  Christian Mollekopf kdepim akonadi tags/search
28 March 31 March I eat everything
8  Sergio Martins kdepim Calendaring stuff
28 March 31 March I eat everything

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