Kate/KDevelop Sprint

22 Oct to 28 Oct; -1433 days from now.


  • Joseph Wenninger (admin)

A sprint dedicated to Kate and KDevelop development.

It will take place in Vienna in a rented flat (sleeping space for up to 12 people) with internet connection. The dates have been choosen to fit best for most people http://www.doodle.com/x36ntm8386phcpic . I guess some will come later and some leave earlier. The cost estimates for the flat are 1200 Euros. (I'm going to sponser the event partly though)


The adress of the rented flats is:

Schubertgasse 11

1090 Wien (Vienna)





Größere Kartenansicht


I recommend arrival by airplane.

*) Vienna International Airport

*) Airport Bratislava


Transfer VIE -> sprint location:

http://www.postbus.at/en/Airportbus/index.jsp (One way: 8 Euro, return ticket should be 13, valid for 1 month)

  • *) I recommend the airport bus to "Wien Westbahnhof" and than taking the metro line U6 to Währinger-Straße/Volksoper or Nußdorferstraße. That's in the directio to Floridsdorf
  • *) Also possible: airport bus to "Wien Morzinplatz / Schwedenplatz" and taking the metro line U4 in direction Heiligenstadt till Spittelau and there changing to line U6 in direction Siebenhierten and getting of at Währingstraße or Nußdorferstraße
  • *) A littlebit cheaper: taking the S-Bahn to Wien Mitte and there changeing to metro line U4 in direction Heiligenstadt, changing to U6 at Spittelau


Information about public transport in Vienna:



Transfer Bratislava -> Vienna:


The bus ends at "Wien Südtirolerplatz"

From there you can take the U1 to Karlsplatz or Schwedenplatz and change to the U4 and later on to the U6 (either at Spittelau aur Längenfeldgasse).


For other connections, please have a look at the web page of the "Wiener Linien", link above.


Sprint location is not decided yet.


# Name Plans to do Arrival Departure Needs accommodation? Shares room? Food
 Joseph Wenninger
22 October 28 October I eat everything
 Dominik Haumann
Kate in KDE 5
Kate Scripting
22 October 28 October I eat everything
 Christoph Cullmann
22 October 28 October I eat everything
 Milian Wolff
kdevelop: c++11 language support
kate: scripting settings
kate: visible read-only mode
kate: searchable filetypes
kdevelop: stabilize plugins!
kdevelop: general stuff
22 October 28 October I eat everything
 Sven Brauch
kdev-python: make the plugin ready for its first release
kdevelop: finally improve the launch dialog
kdev-python: if time left work on django support
kdev-python: ... or on python 3 support
22 October 28 October I eat everything
 Olivier de Gaalon
Bug Fixing
22 October 28 October I eat everything

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